“From Concept To Completion”

World Class Leaders in the design and manufacture of precision rubber mouldings, rubber components and post moulding operations.

We manufacture natural and synthetic rubber mouldings and components, with associated mould tools and raw materials, for electronic, automotive, military and commercial applications, together with aerospace applications.

About Wye Valley Precision Engineering

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Wye Valley Precision Engineering Ltd. is a family owned and run business based in the U.K. specialising in rubber moulding, compression moulding and injection moulding. We use a wide variety of rubber polymers across a broad spectrum of business activity. We operate from a 30,000 sq. ft. factory in Ross on Wye, UK.

Wye Valley has achieved its reputation to date by manufacturing precision rubber mouldings and rubber components, for the aircraft and electronic connector market, particularly when electrical grade high-performance rubbers are required for the moulding of inserts with high-density contact configurations.

A long run capability has been developed enabling runs in excess of five million parts per annum to be made for the automotive trade. In addition, we have vast experience in other market areas which has strengthened the all-round ability of the Wye Valley Precision Engineering team. This provides an extremely solid base for both the company and its clients for the future, especially in hi-tech applications.

A Reputation Built on Precision

We work as part of your team to genuinely understand your business, your production processes and rubber component requirements, delivering the best service from concept to completion.

Do you need precision rubber mouldings?

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