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A Selection of Our Rubber O-Rings and Seals Range

With the ever-increasing demand for “one-stop shops”, Wye Valley have moved with the times yet again and now offer our customers a full range of rubber O-rings and even O-rings and seals. With customers constantly looking to single-source all their rubber components; Wye Valley has decided that we must strive to keep one step ahead and offer the complete package.

Also, manufacturing EMC/EMI O Rings in metal filled conductive elastomers using amongst others, nickel graphite and silver aluminium silicon and fluoro silicone materials.

Therefore, now stocking BS standard O’rings in various material specifications to meet the high customer demand. Not only can we supply standard size O rings, but we also have the ability to supply custom moulded rubber O rings and seals.

Rubber O-Ring Sizes

  • Sizes BS1806
  • Sizes BS (Metric) 4518
  • Metric Sizes
  • EMC/EMI O-Rings