AS/EN 9100 certified factory
bespoke rubber moulding services


General Rubber Components

We manufacture rubber components for a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, electronic, marine, medical, military and more.

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Electrical Connectors

We offer both standard and bespoke rubber electronic connectors as well as o-rings, gaskets and EMC shielding.

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Automotive Rubber Components

Your product may be already designed or alternatively we can offer a full product development service, from conception to completion, including the final production runs.

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Rubber O-Rings

We offer our customers a full range of rubber O-rings and seals. We also make them bespoke to fit your needs.

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EMC Shielding

Electromagnetic Compatibility Shielding has become more and more important. Wye Valley is at the forefront of this technology.

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Rubber Gaskets

We can supply standard and bespoke gaskets to any dimensions and in any gasket material. We have expert knowledge of gasket materials, design and manufacture.

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